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Here you can check your SLC results:


Type 'slc' and space and your symbol number - and send sms to 1600.
Example: Type 'SLC 0201382D' (without quotes) and send it to 1600

SMS 2: Janaki Technology

Type 'slc' and space and your symbol number - and send sms to 5001.
Example: Type 'SLC 0201382D' (without quotes) and send it to 5100

Telephone Call: NTC

IVR System (From landline PSTN and CDMA phones).

Dial 1600 and follow the instructions.

Passed/ Failed?

The good news is: No, you cannot fail in S.L.C. exams any more.

But the bad news is: Your grades can be so low, that no college will accept you for 10+2 studies.

That means, if your aim is to study 10+2 at a college, but you have very low grades, then you have failed to reach your 'college target' (but you didn't fail in your S.L.C. exam as such).

Low grade points mean, you have only the option to go for vocational education.
High grade points mean, you have all options open, including higher studies at a college


Re-exams are optional. *You* decide if you want to attend a re-exam or not.

You only attend re-exams if you want to improve your grade points - since you have passed already.

If you have 1-2 subjects with D or E, you can attend the re-exams one month after the S.L.C. results came out.

If you have more than 2 subjects with D or E, you can attend the re-exams a year later. Detailed guidelines are currently under Governmental development.

Passed in 2010


Passed in 2011


Passed in 2012


Passed in 2013


Passed in 2014


Passed in 2015


Pass percentage from 2016 onwards



Here you can download (click the left icon) or view (click the right icon) some info sheets.

All SLC subjects

info sheet

Routine 2016

info sheet

Grade Point System

info sheet

GPA calculation

info sheet

Sample SLC Grade Sheet


OCE address

info sheet


% vs. grades

Grading Manual page 2


After SLC

What will you do after SLC, after you have received your results with the grade sheet?

You either can go for vocational training, for certificate courses, for Diploma studies or, for studies in classes 11 and 12.

My recommendation: If you want to go for further studies, go for one of the first 8 options. A-Level is regarded as quite challenging due to its Western learning style, same as IB. Please check if the "NIOS Indian Board" and the "American Board" are really recognized later on! The majority of students go for 10+2 (one of the first 4 options).

If you are not interested in further studies (Bachelor, Masters,...) and if you want to do something more practical, then you can go for Diploma courses. Or, even more practical are Certificate courses and most practical the vocational courses.

Here are some selected options you can choose from:

Int'l Baccalaureate (IB), Switzerland

IB Diploma Programme, 2 years

IB Info 3 compulsory subjects, 3-4 subjects of own choice. Western learning style.

Many more subjects available

Misc. course providers

More Info Have a look to the following external links with search facilities!


SLC students/ year


Exam Centers




Security Personnel

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